Ela pop Photography | Newborn Session Questionnaire
  • Hiring a proffesional to create beautiful images is just as important as producing the way you will display and enjoy them now and in the future. Please answer the questions below to help us guide you through this photographic creative process.

  • Place a 8.5X11 piece of paper horizontally on the wall where you are interested in displaying art work. make sure the room is well lite. Step back and take a photograph of the space. Do not go too close, make sure to allow room around it so you will get a true feeling of how the images will look and feel in your space.

    If you have more then one place in mind or will be deciding between more then one place. This step will be very helpful. We can virtually display and move around images during your viewing session to help you make the perfect selction for your home. Sizes and configurations can be tested on your walls during our session to make sure they are perfect for the space.

    Camera from phoes are perfect. More then one image can be uploaded.

    If you have any trouble, you can also email this image to kelly@kellyfitzgeraldstudio.com In subject write: Room View Image

  • How important are in-prop photographs? (i.e.. baskets, buckets, crates)

  • How much do you LOVE newborn hats?

  • Do you like color or black and white photographs?

  • Select one

  • Mom, are you comfortable with skin to skin shots?

  • Dad, are you comfortable with skin to skin shots?

  • The lighting in our home or chosen location for the session is...

  • Who is likely to be at the session?

  • Do you own a space heater and are you able to heat the chosen room to 80-85 degrees? ***Please note that the temperature of the enviroment for the baby is critical in how well the session flows***

  • Should be Empty: