Ela pop Photography | Create Your Own Collection 2018


The session fee is 199.00.  Single Subject 99

This includes pre-consultation time for the session, your ordering appointment and help with the best way to display your images in your home. Signature sessions can take place outdoors or at your home. 

Two or three weeks after your session we will meet for your viewing and ordering appointment. At this time you will view your images and be guided through the process of selecting the best way to display and preserve your images in your home.  Because everyone is unique and has different taste, I do not offer pre-made packages or collections.  Each client follows these simple steps to their custom collection:


Step 1: Choose a Signature Art Product

- Wall & Table Art starts at 149.00

- Albums start at 249.00


Step 2: Add Digital Files and/or Gift Prints

Print box collection 10 desk prints, starts at 99.00

- Digital Files with print release and cloud storage starting at 299.00*


Step 3: Specialty Items (optional)

Birth announcements, holidays cards, ornaments, special gifts can be added on


Some clients prefer to hang their images on the wall, display on a shelf or tuck a small album in a drawer.

Which ever way your family wants to remember these special times will fit into a collection created by you.




*Printing your own images can be intimidating. Clients that choose to print with the digital files, I will also upload these files to a print fullfillment site where you are able to print from a professional lab right from your home. I am always here to help with the process.